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Accident Injury Attorney in Los Angeles
Local Counsel
Given today's business climate, we offer law firms, individuals and businesses an opportunity to work with our office as local counsel for matters that must be prosecuted or defended within the State of California.
Our local counsel lawyer in Los Angeles can handle the entirety of the litigation or arbitration and provide status updates to supervising personnel or we can work side by side with your firm in the advancement of your client's case.
One of our primary goals is to foster long term relationships with clients and law firms so that if a situation develops, without missing a beat, you have local counsel that you can call to move forward. The transition will be seamless and you will have dedicated and effective counsel acting on your behalf, even though our office may be thousands of miles away.
We currently have and have had relationships with clients and law firms in Italy, Russia, Honduras, England, Denmark, Brazil, Japan, and Australia, and the States of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania.
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